The Yellnats


I discovered The Yellnats last December. JSR booked them to open their release show, (MPR-04 if you are keeping score at home) so I decided to check them out on bandcamp. Their song “Manhunt” immediately struck a chord with me. The dual vocals and power-pop sensibility went straight to my heart. Sometimes all it takes is that one perfect song to make you love a band, and that one got me big time. Luckily, it was no fluke and their songs on this upcoming split with Mutant Love are total bangers too. Originally from Scranton, PA, The Yellnats now reside in Denver, and we are so happy that they do.


Who are you and why should anybody care?

The Yellnats are Mike, Tom, and Dylan... and nobody should care.

That’s up for debate. anyways, these songs rip how did you create them?

These songs were created with weed, zoodles, and beer (and water).

That's amazing. We are taking questions from the audience now, Brian Beer, from Denver asks “if you could open for any band, living or dead, who would it be?”

Damn Brian Beer, from Denver, what a heavy hitting question. I think I have to go with The Clash. Hell, I’d open for them anywhere. Had it not been for Joe Strummer & The Clash I wouldn’t be so rooted in punk rock. -Mike

A truly influential band for a lot of us. Chris Cuhn asks “what is a record you can listen to front to back, all the time?”

Meet the jerks in the Yellnats May 20th at The Matchbox

Meet the jerks in the Yellnats May 20th at The Matchbox

Listen here Chris, On the Impossible Past by The Menzingers is one of the best records ever written. When it came out in 2012, I was a sophomore in college with no clue what I was doing with my life (still have no clue). But that change was new for me and once I heard the first lyrics on this record: “I’ve been having a horrible time, pulling myself together” I immediately felt a connection. This will forever be one of the best records ever created. -Tom

Interesting. A fan from New York asks “What’s your best I almost shit my pants story?”

Open up them ears, fan from New York. One time when I was a teenager, I was walking on the boardwalk with some friends and I let out a fart that I thought was safe. Turns out it was more than a fart and I had to ditch my britches in the Burger King bathroom trash can. So actually I did shit my pants... I haven’t trusted a fart since. -Dylan

Fascinating crap, you heard it here first. Any closing remarks?

Listen to our EP and DON'T DRINK THE BONG WATER (that's good biz)


The Yellnats / Mutant Love split comes out Friday, May 24th.

We are throwing a release party at Bowman’s Vinyl & Lounge that very night featuring The Yellnats (duh) Sour Boy, Bitter Girl and Good Public. You should totally come.

More info here

The Yellnats are also guests on a special edition of Taking Back Monday on May 20th at The Matchbox. They will be spinning the new split and playing some of their favorite records along with host Cory Helie.

A Chat w State Drugs


Chris Kuhn is the mastermind behind State Drugs. They’ve been playing self described “grown-up punk” since he moved to Denver in 2015. Before that he spent years in the Baltimore HxC scene, playing and touring in too many bands to mention. State Drugs has self-released three EPs to date and has been making a name for themselves in the Denver punk community.

Their songs are smart, catchy, and give off a Samiam/Smoking Popes type vibe. Their upcoming split with Nato Coles features three brand new songs. We couldn’t be happier to welcome them to the MPR family. Below is a quick interview with Chris.

Who are you, and why should anyone care?

Christopher L. Kuhn

Professional Enjoyment Haver

Hobbyist Anxiety Collector

Interesting, sort of. Anyways, why hasn't State Drugs covered a spin doctors song yet?

Those doctors aren't on the short list for covers. I refer to this video: Specifically 0:43 of the video.

We only cover songs the loser kids liked and cried to in their parents’ houses during the late ‘90s/early 2000s

Valid point, I also despise the spin doctors. Tell me about the worst show you ever played?

Worst show I ever played? Let me ponder through the hundreds of crap shows I've played.......  I think it was the first time I ever played in Washington DC back in 2003 or 2004. We played to zero people, got hassled & heckled by really tough children while loading in and out, had a car keep stalling out while trying to leave said tough children, amp broke, got too stoned and got lost, and left a bag of cables/pedals at the bar never to be seen again.

Man, that sucks. At least you got free chicken wings though. Well, I really like these songs. Which of the three means the most to you? Or talk briefly about all 3, yeah do that.


My favorite song is "Best Dude" it’s about my dog Wilbur who is 91 in dog years and 13 in human years. He's big, reeks of random shades of garbage depending on the time of day, is a picky pooper, and doesn't listen to a damn thing I tell him. He has been and always will be my best dude.

"Me & You vs. Everything & The World" is about me and my buds who can't seem to escape bad luck, alcoholism, and themselves.


"666, blah, blah, blah" is about weird fetishes with being right all the time and cooking naked. I'm all like "whatever gets your goat" in this song, you know what i mean? Let that freak flag fly.

Quiznos makes me shit my pants 100% of the time I eat it. Is there a restaurant chain that does the same to you?

Torchy's Tacos in Stapleton gave me a fine side of food poisoning this past spring. I 100000000% shit my pants for 6 days, lost 7 pounds, and got to know the work bathroom really well during my first week at this new job.

What are you enjoying most about living/playing music in Denver?

I like that the music and comedy scene is thriving. There’s always something going on any day of the week.

Dream Gig? You open a show for what three bands?

Hall and Oates


The Cure

State Drugs will release their new split cassette on January 5th at the Lions Lair, in Denver, CO.  Also playing are The Mazlows, The Narrow Down, and Lawsuit Models.

Tight New Shit Coming!!!

We are gathered here today to inform the stupid world that our third release will be an epic 2-song split cassingle featuring old friends/local heroes, Bud Bronson & the Good Timers and our new friends/Nashville shredders, Benchmarks. That's right. Calm the fuck down. This little puppy features a brand new song from each band that serves as a potent yet poignant appetizer for what's to come on their respective full-length records.  

Bud Bronson is our favorite arena rock band that still plays dive bars. They have music and shit here:

Benchmarks are new friends of ours, featuring former members of Two Cow Garage, You can check them out here:

Artwork and release date to follow soon.

See ya in the pit!

Benchmarks 1.jpeg

Flight Kamikaze EP release @ Streets of London Friday 6/1!

So we just got copies of the new 4 Song Flight Kamikaze EP cassette in and we're gonna have 'em ready for ya next friday June 1st at Streets of London in Denver. Show starts @ 9pm. Also playing will be the homies in State Drugs, Dangerous Friends, and Six Shooter. Join Us! Listen to a track off the new ep and preorder here...

Here is the link to the event

Update on the Launch Party!

So unfortunately Spells had to drop because their prima donna bigshot Hollywood TV star comedian singer, Ben Roy has to "Actually make money to feed his family" or something. Sellout! Anyways, we got our best buds in Allout Helter to fill in their spot and it is gonna be righteous! 

...and speaking of Spells, if you somehow haven't heard (or maybe just aren't a dork with nothing better to do than interneting) we did our best to start internet beef between two of our favorite bands. Spells and Bud Bronson and The Good Timers have been going at it for a few weeks now and we took it so far as to having a poll as to get the peoples voice on exactly which band rocks harder?!?!?!  Click on the link below to cast your vote, only one week left!! We'll have more details as to the settling of this beef and a vote tally soon!


Motorcycle Potluck Launch Party @ Larimer Lounge 4/14/2018!

We are super excited to announce our kickoff party! This is going to be so EPIC! We got most of our favorite bands to come out for this one and couldn't be more excited. Bud Bronson and The Good Timers, Spells (acoustic), Jack's Smirking Revenge, Chris Fogal (Gamits - Acoustic), and Flight Kamikaze. we have all kinds of stupid ideas floating around for meat (and meat substitute) raffles, giveaways and other stuff, stay tuned for more details...

New Flight Kamikaze coming in early 2018

Motorcycle Potluck is proud to announce our first release from Denver's own Flight Kamikaze!  We will be releasing their first EP early this year. Limited to 75 copies on cassette and also available digitally. Also coming soon will be the first volume in a compilation series consisting of 50% colorado bands, and 50% bands from other states. More details soon... 

flight kamikaze.jpg