A Chat w State Drugs


Chris Kuhn is the mastermind behind State Drugs. They’ve been playing self described “grown-up punk” since he moved to Denver in 2015. Before that he spent years in the Baltimore HxC scene, playing and touring in too many bands to mention. State Drugs has self-released three EPs to date and has been making a name for themselves in the Denver punk community.

Their songs are smart, catchy, and give off a Samiam/Smoking Popes type vibe. Their upcoming split with Nato Coles features three brand new songs. We couldn’t be happier to welcome them to the MPR family. Below is a quick interview with Chris.

Who are you, and why should anyone care?

Christopher L. Kuhn

Professional Enjoyment Haver

Hobbyist Anxiety Collector

Interesting, sort of. Anyways, why hasn't State Drugs covered a spin doctors song yet?

Those doctors aren't on the short list for covers. I refer to this video: https://vimeo.com/97586800 Specifically 0:43 of the video.

We only cover songs the loser kids liked and cried to in their parents’ houses during the late ‘90s/early 2000s

Valid point, I also despise the spin doctors. Tell me about the worst show you ever played?

Worst show I ever played? Let me ponder through the hundreds of crap shows I've played.......  I think it was the first time I ever played in Washington DC back in 2003 or 2004. We played to zero people, got hassled & heckled by really tough children while loading in and out, had a car keep stalling out while trying to leave said tough children, amp broke, got too stoned and got lost, and left a bag of cables/pedals at the bar never to be seen again.

Man, that sucks. At least you got free chicken wings though. Well, I really like these songs. Which of the three means the most to you? Or talk briefly about all 3, yeah do that.


My favorite song is "Best Dude" it’s about my dog Wilbur who is 91 in dog years and 13 in human years. He's big, reeks of random shades of garbage depending on the time of day, is a picky pooper, and doesn't listen to a damn thing I tell him. He has been and always will be my best dude.

"Me & You vs. Everything & The World" is about me and my buds who can't seem to escape bad luck, alcoholism, and themselves.


"666, blah, blah, blah" is about weird fetishes with being right all the time and cooking naked. I'm all like "whatever gets your goat" in this song, you know what i mean? Let that freak flag fly.

Quiznos makes me shit my pants 100% of the time I eat it. Is there a restaurant chain that does the same to you?

Torchy's Tacos in Stapleton gave me a fine side of food poisoning this past spring. I 100000000% shit my pants for 6 days, lost 7 pounds, and got to know the work bathroom really well during my first week at this new job.

What are you enjoying most about living/playing music in Denver?

I like that the music and comedy scene is thriving. There’s always something going on any day of the week.

Dream Gig? You open a show for what three bands?

Hall and Oates


The Cure

State Drugs will release their new split cassette on January 5th at the Lions Lair, in Denver, CO.  Also playing are The Mazlows, The Narrow Down, and Lawsuit Models.