I discovered The Yellnats last December. JSR booked them to open their release show, (MPR-04 if you are keeping score at home) so I decided to check them out on bandcamp. Their song “Manhunt” immediately struck a chord with me. The dual vocals and power-pop sensibility went straight to my heart. Sometimes all it takes is that one perfect song to make you love a band, and that one got me big time. Luckily, it was no fluke and their songs on this upcoming split with Mutant Love are total bangers too. Originally from Scranton, PA, The Yellnats now reside in Denver, and we are so happy that they do.


Who are you and why should anybody care?

The Yellnats are Mike, Tom, and Dylan... and nobody should care.

That’s up for debate. anyways, these songs rip how did you create them?

These songs were created with weed, zoodles, and beer (and water).

That's amazing. We are taking questions from the audience now, Brian Beer, from Denver asks “if you could open for any band, living or dead, who would it be?”

Damn Brian Beer, from Denver, what a heavy hitting question. I think I have to go with The Clash. Hell, I’d open for them anywhere. Had it not been for Joe Strummer & The Clash I wouldn’t be so rooted in punk rock. -Mike

A truly influential band for a lot of us. Chris Cuhn asks “what is a record you can listen to front to back, all the time?”

Meet the jerks in the Yellnats May 20th at The Matchbox

Meet the jerks in the Yellnats May 20th at The Matchbox

Listen here Chris, On the Impossible Past by The Menzingers is one of the best records ever written. When it came out in 2012, I was a sophomore in college with no clue what I was doing with my life (still have no clue). But that change was new for me and once I heard the first lyrics on this record: “I’ve been having a horrible time, pulling myself together” I immediately felt a connection. This will forever be one of the best records ever created. -Tom

Interesting. A fan from New York asks “What’s your best I almost shit my pants story?”

Open up them ears, fan from New York. One time when I was a teenager, I was walking on the boardwalk with some friends and I let out a fart that I thought was safe. Turns out it was more than a fart and I had to ditch my britches in the Burger King bathroom trash can. So actually I did shit my pants... I haven’t trusted a fart since. -Dylan

Fascinating crap, you heard it here first. Any closing remarks?

Listen to our EP and DON'T DRINK THE BONG WATER (that's good biz)


The Yellnats / Mutant Love split comes out Friday, May 24th.

We are throwing a release party at Bowman’s Vinyl & Lounge that very night featuring The Yellnats (duh) Sour Boy, Bitter Girl and Good Public. You should totally come.

More info here

The Yellnats are also guests on a special edition of Taking Back Monday on May 20th at The Matchbox. They will be spinning the new split and playing some of their favorite records along with host Cory Helie.