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About Us...


Motorcycle Potluck is a record label started in Denver, Colorado in 2018 with the intention of supporting and promoting the local independent music scene in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and beyond, while simultaneously promoting bands we love from across the world . Expect the first few releases in cassette and digital formats.


Ryan Heller

The "brains" behind it all. Ryan plays in a band called Lawsuit Models and enjoys harassing his label mates at all hours of the night, delivering various food stuffs throughout the metro area and being a gigantic nerd about all things music.


Terry Maloney

Terry used to be in Lawsuit Models but now he's in Sleep Union, he's also plays a Rabbi in The Shalom's. Terry and Ryan came up with the whole idea for the label. He's also a welder.


Wade Henderson

Wade is in Black Dot's and Great American House Fire. He's a carpenter, and still rides a skateboard for some reason. Wade is also responsible for stopping Terry and Ryan from killing each other.
*Wade was in charge of updating the website but really hasn’t gotten around to in forever. What a jerk.
Send us an email and let us know how you’d like us to deface this picture of Wade and we’ll get right on it!