Update on the Launch Party!

So unfortunately Spells had to drop because their prima donna bigshot Hollywood TV star comedian singer, Ben Roy has to "Actually make money to feed his family" or something. Sellout! Anyways, we got our best buds in Allout Helter to fill in their spot and it is gonna be righteous! 

...and speaking of Spells, if you somehow haven't heard (or maybe just aren't a dork with nothing better to do than interneting) we did our best to start internet beef between two of our favorite bands. Spells and Bud Bronson and The Good Timers have been going at it for a few weeks now and we took it so far as to having a poll as to get the peoples voice on exactly which band rocks harder?!?!?!  Click on the link below to cast your vote, only one week left!! We'll have more details as to the settling of this beef and a vote tally soon!

Source: facebook.com/motorcyclepotluckrecords